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Early in my career, I found myself working in a shelter in Los Angeles for abused children ages 0-10 years old. I wanted to be able to help these children with processing their anger and feelings that stemmed from being removed from their families. I noticed stress and anxiety even in the youngest of infants. Of course, I noticed attachment issues.

Connection with others became a major priority for me as a therapist. This priority I must attribute to these infants that had difficulty with attachment, many presenting as very happy and wanting to please their caregivers. Many of us have obstacles that stand in our way of being closer to those in our lives, our partner, parents, close friends and children. 

Intimate communication becomes a struggle to be honest and to trust in each other. Some of these reasons include not wanting to hurt the other person's feelings, afraid that they will leave us, or because we have pushed feelings down for so long we think these feelings will be too intense when we finally release them. Sometimes we have left overs, literally previous issues that keep creeping up into our present day life.

I will help you connect the dots, connect with others and most of all connect with yourself.

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